Melbourne and Victoria seasonal produce guide

Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables in season in Melbourne and Victoria.


Fruit Season(s)
Apples Autumn Winter
Apricots Summer
Bananas All Year
Berries Spring Summer
Cherries Summer
Figs Summer Autumn
Grapefruit All Year
Grapes Summer Autumn
Kiwifruit Winter
Lemons Winter Spring
Limes Winter Spring
Mandarins (Imperial) Autumn Winter Spring
Melons Summer Autumn
Oranges (Navel) Winter
Oranges (Valencia) Summer Autumn
Peaches Summer
Pears Summer Autumn Winter
Plums Summer
Strawberries Spring Summer Autumn


Vegetables Season(s)
Artichokes (Globe) Spring
Artichokes (Jerusalem) Winter
Asparagus Spring
Basil Summer
Beans Spring Summer Autumn
Beans (Broad) Winter Spring
Beetroot All Year
Broccoli Winter Spring
Brussel Sprouts Autumn Winter
Cabbage Autumn Winter
Capsicum Spring Summer Autumn
Carrots All Year
Cauliflower Autumn Winter Spring
Celery Autumn Winter
Chillies Spring Summer Autumn
Corn Summer Autumn
Cucumber Spring Summer Autumn
Eggplant Summer Autumn
Leeks All Year
Lettuce All Year
Onions All Year
Parsley All Year
Parsnips Autumn Winter Spring
Peas Spring Summer Autumn
Peas (Snow) Winter Spring
Potatoes All Year

All Year

Silverbeet All Year
Spinach Autumn Winter Spring
Spring Onion All Year
Squash Spring Summer Autumn
Sweet Potatoes Autumn
Tomatoes Summer Autumn
Turnips Winter
Zucchini Spring Summer Autumn