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About Seasonal Food Guide Australia

Seasonal Food Guide Australia was started in 2010 to help Australians buy fresh produce from their local region more easily.

Seasonal Produce Guides

Our seasonal produce guides tell you what fruits and vegetables are in season around Australia at different times of the year. There are seasonal produce guides for the five major capitals in Australia.

Farmers Markets Directories

Our farmers markets directories provide a list and map of farmers markets around the major cities in Australia, making it easy to find great sources of fresh local produce wherever you live.

Newsletter and Email Updates

We produce free newsletters and email updates tailored to each of the 5 major capitals in Australia. The newsletters and emails contain local and international information about:

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Social Media and Getting in Touch

We do our best to be active on social media, providing interesting posts and links to stories that interest you. We would also love to hear from you with any comments and suggestions about how we can serve you better.

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